Webinar: Leading from the Soul – Building business aligned to our inner core

Webinar: Leading from the Soul – Building business aligned to our inner core

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How can we build businesses aligned to our inner core?

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When Marie Örnesved stepped out of a senior position in 2009—after 27 years in traditional business, she realised she had lost her joy and what life was about. Since then her guiding questions have been: What is joy to me? How can I live a joyous life? How can I be me fully? Who am I? How can we create our reality from a soulful place? How can we build businesses that are aligned to our inner core?

She realised also that the world is in need of people that connect to their souls and who lead and live their lives from that place and that connecting to who we really are and what we wish to create in life is a great gift to ourselves and to everyone around us. When we connect to our soul and build organisations from intentions that are true to our heart, then magic happens!

“You can only (seriously) talk about making a different business model when you are willing to listen to your inner voice. This requires to be still and wait for the answers. Many have had to close down their systems in order to create the “reset”. You do not necessarily have to walk the long journey. It is exciting to support entrepreneurs in connecting to their own inner guidance — something that is key! And to support one another” ~ Marie Örnesved.

We are in a time when we can take a quantum leap to create our lives and how we “do business” from a totally different space within. Making this shift will take us to completely unknown charters of “how we do business” as the rules of the game no longer exist. We will create from a higher frequency which means that we will attract both people and opportunities from this higher level of resonance.

How do you take the step into this higher resonance field? It is quite simple. Be you.

To be ourselves should be simple, but there are many outside rules and demands so it might take some work to uncover the true you. There might be fears. There might be previous experiences that get in your way. There might be expectations from other people on what you should accomplish. The younger you are the likelier it is that you do not have too many “old programs” that are running your system.

To create from a higher resonance field means that you are guided by your intuition. The impossible will suddenly be possible and the whole world will be like a new ballgame! Isn’t it exciting? Are you ready to get some insight into how you can transform yourself into this higher frequency?

This webinar will introduce you to the following areas:

  • To lead and create from a higher frequency – what does it mean?
  • What does it mean to transform myself into this reality?
  • How can you build organisations from this higher frequency field?

About the presenter:

Marie Örnesved started LightSpira in 2010 to make messages (books) from loving hearts available to a global audience. It was at the same a playground for how a business could be built based on cocreation and soulful intention. She is the co-author of “Sensitelligent – a Guide to Life” – a book that guides you from fear and control to trust and intuition. You will find more about Marie on LinkedIn.


Participation is PWFR (Pay What Feels Right) and Free. We welcome everyone and encourage you to contribute if you can. With your registration we invite you to join the conversation at the ChangemakersForward online community, to connect with Marie and other participants. A recording will be available.