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TIGE Study Guide

The Dynamics of Trust Study Guide – Towards a culture of inner transformation’ has been developed by Mike Smith (Head of Business Programmes, Initiatives of Change UK), Simone Muller and the TIGE team.

This Study Guide aims to help you and your organization to operate at peak performance, thanks to the relationships of trust that are built in the workplace and between all stakeholders. It is designed to help companies and organizations to be resilient and regenerative by assessing their commitment to trust and integrity in policies and processes outlined in the various modules. It helps to prepare their future fitness for business.

The Study Guide helps you to:

* stimulate discussion on human relationships of trust in the workplace and between all stakeholders

* identify where there may be gaps

* improve a commitment to the values of integrity which build trust

* make ethical decisions, including action points

It can thus help in managing reputational risk, smooth supply chains, satisfy all stakeholders and allow organizations, and the people in them, to operate at their peak performance.