Inspiring ethical economic leadership

IofC [Initiatives of Change] and TIGE provide the opportunity to combine the sharing of ideas and experience with times of silent reflection in order to centre on our true selves, our consciousness and awareness, our contribution to society and the true purpose of our organizations. IofC and TIGE believe that change in the world starts with change in the individual. This encourages not just Corporate Social Responsibility but also Personal and Social Responsibility (PSR). The methodology of TIGE is through shared experience, story-telling and putting these values into practice.

From ‘Heart of TIGE‘ statement

Over the years, the TIGE community has been collecting and cherishing stories of inspiring and inspired leadership in business and economy. Whether these stories start from an ‘aha’-moment or a long and painful dilemma, what is common to them is that their main characters chose to act based on their sense of integrity and personal values.

It may seem that the changes that these individuals have effected are incremental compared to the scope of problems we are dealing with. However, for them these changes and choices are fundamental and sometimes life-transforming, arousing deep emotions and connected to their sense of self-worth. We propose that without this first individual transformation the structural transformation is very difficult or very short-lived. Although economic transformation is definitely not a one-hero journey but a collective one, individual initiative is the first dimension in TIGE transformational process.

Here are some examples of individual leadership we would like to share with you.

A Vision Renewed: Guya Merkle of Vieri Jewellery

Discover Guya’s incredible story on how she trusted her intuition to change her family’s business into what she believed in.

Banking On Change:  A short documentary from a friend of TIGE and an award-winning director Andrew Hinton

Two-thirds of India’s population live in villages. Despite India’s economic growth, the disparities are enormous. Many villagers migrate to the cities in search of work and end up begging on the streets. South Indian bank manager J S Parthiban set out to do something to help their economic circumstances. He encouraged beggars to open bank accounts in New Delhi, and pioneered micro-loans to villagers in his home state of Tamil Nadu. This is his story—and theirs.

The Business of Building a Better India

Vivek Asrani, MD of Kayo Industries, Mumbai, talks about how honesty and ethics make for a good business strategy. He narrates his persona experience of putting this philosophy in practice successfully.

Whistleblowing: Genevieve Boast and Euan Smith’s story

Genevieve Boast and Euan Smith share their incredible journey of whistleblowing, leadership, showing trust and integrity in the workplace and finding love. They share their story at the TIGE conference at Caux 2014, interviewed by Mike Smith.