Founding partners

TIGE was established by Caux Initiatives for Business (CIB), a programme of Initiatives of Change, an international NGO working in the areas of trust-building, ethical leadership and sustainable living. CIB’s mission is to ‘strengthen the motivations of care and moral commitment in economic life and thinking, in order to create jobs, correct economic and environmental imbalances and tackle the root causes of poverty’.

TIGE chapters

TIGE UK (A programme of Initiatives of Change UK)

TIGE Switzerland (A programme of Initiatives of Change Switzerland)

TIGE Sweden (A programme of Initiatives of change Sweden)

TIGE is supported by other Initiatives of Change member organisations:

Initiatives of Change Netherlands

Initiatives of Change Denmark

Core Partners 

A number of organisations have contributed towards TIGE development. Here are a few examples.

Trans4m (Global)

SEEDS Centre at Liverpool Hope University (UK)

Institute for Centered Growth (Mexico)