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5-10 July 2016

The Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy (TIGE) forum is about sharing best practices in building trust and integrity in business and economy.
While making connections with people from all sectors and from around the world, you will be inspired to change the way you work, making it meaningful for you, society and the planet.

Caux, Switzerland

Initiatives of Change International Conference Centre
TIGE is one of the Initiatives of Change summer conferences in Caux under the theme 'Exploring the Human Factor in Global Change'
Everyone who comes to the alpine village of Caux experiences its transformative magic. Maintained and nourished by the generosity and selfless service of generations of the Initiatives of Change international movement, Caux Conference Centre has something to offer to all.


Celebrating 10 years of TIGE
  • The conference named TIGE was first organised in Caux in 2006.
  • Today, we are exploring the impact of the past decade and connect with the network that has emerged.
  • Join us in our journey of exploration and discovery!    


  1. 1.Illuminate and connect initiatives and models of the new economy
  2. 2.Facilitate inquiries into the essential aspects of our economic future
  3. 3.Create a space for individuals to connect to their authentic self

  • TIGE is a network of individuals and institutions  practising trust and integrity in private, corporate and public life.
  • We enable economic stakeholders to explore a journey of personal, organisational and societal transformation, with an outcome of human and ecological well-being.
  • We connect and support the new economic and business models and foster relationships which enable such transformation.




New business and economic models
Ethical leadership and governance
Economy for the common good
Sustainable consumption and production
  • An inquiry is a group process designed to explore together and answer a particular question.
  • You will meet in the same group throughout the conference.
  • A facilitator will help you to explore the question step by step.
  • At the end of the conference you will present your findings and see how they connect to those of other inquiries.


Click on the job titles to read full biographies

Arundhati Bhattacharya

Chairman State Bank of India

Mrs. Arundhati Bhattacharya is the first woman Chairman of 209 year old SBI, a Fortune 500 company.  She has been conferred with “Best CEO – Public Sector” by Forbes Leadership Awards 2015, “Best Banker of the year” by Businessworld Magazine and “Most Powerful Woman in Business” by Fortune India’s 50 Most Powerful Women in Business. Mrs. Bhattacharya joined the State Bank of India in 1977 as a Probationary Officer (PO), and since then has risen through the ranks to become the Chairman of this iconic institution. Under her stewardship, the bank has relentlessly focussed on raising risk awareness, assessment,

Jayne-Anne Gadhia

Chief Executive Virgin Money

Jayne-Anne Gadhia (BA, FCA, FCIBS, CBE) has significant finance and banking experience, built up over a period of almost 30 years. Jayne-Anne’s drive and commitment to customers and to building a better bank, along with her proven ability to build businesses and lead strong management teams, brings significant value to all stakeholders of Virgin Money. Jayne-Anne is a Non-Executive Director of Business in the Community, and has roles on a number of advisory groups including the Financial Services Advisory Board, the Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Group, and the FCA Practitioner Panel Advisory Group. Jayne-Anne led a review into the representation of

Sir Mark Moody-Stuart

Vice-Chairman UN Global Compact

Sir Mark Moody-Stuart is vice chairman of the UN Global Compact, chairman of the Global Compact Foundation, a member of Accenture's board of directors, author of ‘Responsible Leadership: Lessons from the Front Line of Sustainability and Ethics’ and holds numerous ‘Honorary Fellow’ titles, for example for the Royal Geographical Society and the Institute of Petroleum. In previous year s, Mark was chairman of; Anglo American plc (a global mining and natural resources company); the Royal Dutch/Shell Group and chairman of The "Shell" Transport & Trading Company, after having served six years as both managing director of Shell Transport and

Laurence Cockcroft

Co-founder Transparency International

Laurence Cockcroft from the UK, is a development economist who has an interest and commitment to development in Africa. Co-founder of Transparency International, Cockcroft drew on twenty years of experience in TI to write ‘Global Corruption’, his new book is due to be published in November under the title ‘Corruption in the West’. Laurence will be running a workshop on the stance against corruption at the conference .

Pedro Langre

Institute for Centered Growth

Pedro E. Langre is a leading consultant, coach, and advisor to high-level politicians, public servants and top management of multinational companies. Pedro’s expertise combines professional training, consulting, and coaching with innovation & quality strategies for the public and private sectors. He has designed and delivered leadership, personal and organizational development programs to over 7,500 executives and public servants coming from 61 different nationalities.

He has delivered programs to top executives coming from companies and organizations such as Accival-Banamex-Citigroup, Almirall, BASF, Everis, Femsa, Ferrovial, Forsa, Herdes, INC Research, Kanoo Group, Kimberly Clark, Liverpool, L’Oréal, Mapfre, Grupo Martí, Monsanto, Novartis, Roxtec, Santander, Telefónica, Ternium and Turia. In the public sector, he has

Anita Hoffmann

Managing Director Executiva Ltd

Anita Hoffmann is the MD for Executiva Ltd, a boutique firm that helps companies and leaders ‘Develop Leadership Capabilities to Lead Companies Sustainably with Social and Financial Purpose’. Anita is also Visiting Fellow at Cranfield University School of Management’s Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility. Anita’s passion is to help executives re-craft their jobs and careers in ways that give them Purpose and helps them and their businesses contribute to solving societal issues. Clients are PE/VC firms, their portfolio companies and Corporates globally and Executiva helps them recruit, develop, retain and transition senior executives leaving their companies. In career transition coaching Executiva

Peter Brew

Former Director International Business Leaders Forum

Peter Brew, from Northern Ireland, worked with the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF) from 1999 to 2011. Between 2002 and 2007 he led the IBLF team working on local enterprise development, business and human rights, governance, anti-corruption and conflict. He led IBLF’s in-country initiatives in China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand. In 2008 he relocated to Hong Kong to set up IBLF’s Asia Pacific regional office. He is co-author of The Business of Enterprise, and The Human Rights Impact Assessment & Management Guide and has contributed to a number of publications on human rights and anti-corruption

Naomie Lucas

CEO Southern Wicked Beverages

Naomie serves as the Founder and CEO of Southern Wicked Beverages LLC, the parent company of the first female majority owned and minority owned moonshine distillery in the United States.  In addition to their line of all-natural, gluten-free, organically sweetened cocktails, Southern Wicked offers a line of non-alcoholic beverages for those striving to behave. Prior to the creation of Southern Wicked Lemonade, Naomie served as a brand marketing and business consultant to corporations, government agencies, non-profit organizations and faith-based community organizations nationally and internationally and was a former Global Marketing Director for Arthur Andersen LLP.  Previously, Naomie

Bela Hatvany

Visionary and inventor

Béla Hatvany is a pioneer in the automation of libraries and the information industry. Béla co-invented the touch screen, and was the first to publish CD Roms with information on them which revolutionised libraries around the world. He mentored the founders of JustGiving and was the key investor when they started up in 2001. Today they raise over £1 million a day for UK charities.   

Darja Piciga

Environment Directorate, Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment, Slovenia

Dr. Darja Piciga is an analyst, policy maker and manager in state administration, and expert on developing knowledge-based society, recently also integral sustainable economy and society, with a Ph.D. in Cognitive Developmental and Educational Psychology. Major research areas of her work in the period 1980 – 2000 were Cognitive Development, Learning and Teaching, Mathematics and Science Education, Information Literacy, Primary Education, Secondary Education, Higher Education, Comparative and Evaluation Studies in Education, Research and Development Policy. She is author of more than 100 scientific and professional publications and author or co-author of reports to international audience on education and

Alexander Schieffer

Co-Founder Trans4m Center for Integral Development

Born in Germany, Alexander Schieffer studied economics, business and social sciences at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. His doctoral thesis, also at St. Gallen, addressed new styles of individual and organizational leadership (“Führungspersönlichkeit”). He initially worked as an executive in International Investment Banking, and then in Media and Communication with the media giant Bertelsmann. He then moved to Singapore where he founded and built up First Asia Publishing into a leading special-interest publishing house, which he sold in 2002 to a Chinese media conglomerate.   From this point onwards, Schieffer pursued his passion of bringing about transformation in the economic,

Ronnie Lessem

Co-founder Trans4m Center for Integral Development

Born in Zimbabwe of Central European parentage, Ronnie Lessem studied economics, and business studies at the University of Zimbabwe (BSc Econ in Economic Principles), the London School of Economics (MSc in Economics of Industry), Harvard Business School (MBA in Corporate Planning) and City University in London (PhD focused on action learning and enterprise development). He initially worked as a Corporate Planner and subsequently as Managing Director of a chain of supermarkets, both in South Africa, before becoming a business academic based in the UK, Switzerland, South Africa and Zimbabwe, as well as an international management consultant. His

Stephen Young

Global Executive Director Caux Round Table

Stephen Young from USA, became the Global Executive Director of the Caux Round Table in 2000. He wrote the book Moral Capitalism to explicate the economic and moral approach of the Caux Round Table to free market capitalism. He was named one of the 23 persons who developed the corporate social responsibility movement by Professor Sandra Waddock, Harvard educated, Steve has ran for the nomination of the Republican Party of Minnesota for the United States Senate. Steve will run a workshop on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Ingrid Franzon

Founder EnvirohealthMatters

Ingrid Franzon MSc is the author of many motivational books in Swedish on environmental health issues, webmaster and motivational speaker with a degree in clinical nutrition. Her clinical work raised her awareness, concern and consequent action regarding the effects of environmental contaminants on health, inspiring the websites www.kanariefaglarna.com and www.yellow-canaries.com and subsequently starting the not-for-profit organization EnvirohealthMatters.

Stephen Hinton

Co-founder Transition Sweden

Since leaving Ericsson in 2002, Stephen has been working on developing ways for organisations to take the lead in sustainable development.  Starting with addressing resource shortages as limits to growth, he went on to work with envisioning techniques to develop ideas for sustainability and then to practical implementation of a range of instruments, from city walking maps to flexible pollutant fees. Stephen was one of the founders of the Transition movement in Sweden, an original member of the Humanitarian Water and Food management team, and the co-founder of the Swedish Eco-village, Änggärdet. Stephen believes we are in times of great

Kabir Arora

Indian Youth Climate Network

Kabir Arora: Kabir is a passionate geographer. Having lived in eight different cities of India, he is trying to make sense of prevailing urbanity. To earn his livelihood, Kabir coordinates Alliance of Indian Wastepickers– an informal network of organizations, cooperatives, and companies working on waste management with the help of wastepickers and is currently based in Bangalore. Kabir graduated with B.A. (Hons.) in Geography from Jamia Millia Islamia (National Muslim University), New Delhi.  Post his graduation; he had a brief stint in primary education as a part of Gandhi Fellow profile. He worked in both rural –

Marie Ann Östlund

Marie Ann Östlund is a business owner in electronics, as well as a facilitator with special focus on communication and co-creative dialogue processes. She has a prominent role in many NGO networks, such as IofC Sweden, and has also many years of experience of inter-religious dialogue.

Anna Rosengren

Founder Etik i arbetslivet

Anna Rosengren is a theologian, an ethics consultant and a social entrepreneur with a global view. She has initiated many networks, such as GNH Sweden, connected to transformative holistic change. Apart from the interest in new decision models, Anna also has deep experience of meditation and buddhist philosophy. 



  • Business of peace
  • Stance against corruption
  • Business responses to Sustainable Development Goals
  • Sustainable economic model through education and community empowerment
  • Brave New Words – Co-Creating a Vocabulary for the Emerging Future of Work
Peter Brew – retired former Director of the International Business Leaders Forum
Mary Mayenfisch-Tobin – Solicitor of the Business School Lausanne
Conflict is rooted in poverty and exclusion and business can and should play a key role in promoting and contributing to sustainable practices that balance ethics, environmental responsibility, respect for human rights and dignity and equitable economic development. The workshop will explore the issues that face business and seek to co-create a framework of action for business.
Laurence Cockcroft - Co-founder Transparency International
Laurence Cockcroft will outline his own journey in assisting with the launch of Transparency International and as a member of TI’s first international Board and as the second Chair of its UK Chapter (2002-8). As a development economist,  with 50 years of experience in Africa, his prime concern with the fight against corruption has been its impact on development in emerging economies and especially amongst low income groups.  His book, ‘Global Corruption’, published in 2012 identifies the main drivers of corruption in countries where it is endemic but also examines its causative links with the developed world. He has now completed a book focused on ‘Corruption in the West’ which argues that we will only build a corruption free world if the west tackles its own forms of corruption.
Stephen Young - Global Executive Director Caux Round Table
The workshop will concentrate on the role of business in contributing to the attainment of UN SDGs.
Impact study from South Africa - Investing in an integral approach for a sustainable economic model through education and community empowerment
Daya Bhagwandas / Council of Management, IofC Australia
Community leaders from Eastern Cape Sate, South Africa - Thethi Mbusha, Entrepreneur, Educator & Community Leader, Sterkspruit, South Africa
Impact study from Eastern Cape State South Africa – integrating education, community development and local economy in an on going project in Sterkspruit, South Africa. Improving people’s lives starting with enhancing capacity building, leadership and learning potential for life skills. Integrating community – students, family, educators and community leaders for a new economy process. Outcomes are: New insights and approaches for community leadership, social cohesion and responsibility for the local economy. Reviving agriculture and creating greater awareness in the sustainable development goals (SDGs).
Dr. Claudia Gross
“Express the change you want to experience in this world, word-by-word” is the main intention of the speakGreen initiative. This workshop invites you to discover the power of language for the transformation you wish to contribute to, opens space to co-create new vocabulary for the emerging future which you can immediately use to make a difference, and therefore ultimately focuses on what we wish to experience more of in the world our hearts know and feel is possible.



Human Potential training is a unique opportunity for passionate, human-centric OD Professionals and coaches to become certified in the Human Potential Assessment Tool and Methodology for organizational change.  This initiative is a collaboration between BEING at Full Potential and Initiatives of Change Switzerland. This training will run parallel and in conjunction with TIGE.  More information and registration.  


    “The mark of [our] ignorance is the depth of [our] belief in injustice and tragedy. What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls the butterfly.” - Richard Bach
  • The butterfly is a symbol of transformation. If we ask ourselves how to transform our economy, it is the caterpillar asking how to become the butterfly...
  • Although we cannot see the answers from where we stand, and we might be pessimistic, the caterpillar knows deep inside that the cocoon is the right path towards an extraordinary transformation.
  • We ARE the new economy, and we transform it by starting with ourselves. When we know who we truly are and how we can develop our integrity, we start building relationships of trust.

Day 1: The egg

The egg contains the imaginings of the future butterfly. It already has the information about what the pattern on its wings will look like, but it is a long journey before it manifests. Today we imagine the future. What does an economy of well-being look like?  

Day 2: The caterpillar

The caterpillar needs a lot of nourishment. Today we are hungry for information, ideas, and insights.  

Day 3: The cocoon

In the cocoon, everything is dissolved. The food that the caterpillar consumed will allow the initial patterns of the butterfly to come into being. Today we reflect deeply on all we know about ourselves and our vision, and share with one more person or in a small group.  

Day 4: The butterfly

We manifest our true selves through being and acting in this world. Today we open up to ourselves and others, commit to the next steps and seek collaboration with others.


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