Inspiring ethical economic leadership

Over the years, the TIGE community has been collecting and cherishing stories of inspiring and inspired leadership in business and economy. What is common to them is that their main characters chose to act based on their sense of integrity and personal values. Whether the changes they effected were large or incremental, for them those changes and choices are fundamental and sometimes life-transforming, arousing deep emotions and interacting with their sense of self-worth.

Searching for inclusive economic and business models

Without understanding the current economic system and the ways in which it can be changed, it is impossible in the long run for us to stay inspired and committed. We use our leadership to create new business and economic models which, however marginal at first, have the potential over time to create a structural transformation for a just and sustainable economy. The TIGE community is a living fabric of such new models, which aims to conceive, practice, develop, support and illuminate them.

Facilitating dialogue between economic stakeholders

Honest conversation is a tool and a principle of the Initiatives of Change movement, and that of TIGE. We have brought together corporate leaders and NGOs, bankers and their customers, companies and their clients, senior business leaders and students of business. These encounters have sometimes been challenging, but we persevere, because we believe that these conversations are important and we need to develop capacity to host them, wherever we are.

Experience TIGE

TIGE events

Training: Leadership from within – Purpose, Ethics and Values in Action

March 23 – 25, 2017 The Netherlands ‘Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.’ – Rumi Are you… • a young professional or ‘young at heart’? • ambitious and looking to make a difference in today’s society? • looking for ways to

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Webinar: Leading from the Soul – Building business aligned to our inner core

Go to event page How can we build businesses aligned to our inner core? Register to this webinar and connect with Marie Örnesved—and other participants, at the ChangemakersForward community. Check your local time here. When Marie Örnesved stepped out of a senior position in 2009—after 27 years in traditional business, she realised she had lost

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TIGE visit to Latvia

Mike Smith and Rishab Khanna visit Latvia to represent  TIGE programme of Initiatives of Change, and to meet with groups of economics students, social entrepreneurs, anti-corruption campaigners and others. Read more  

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Catalysing new models of economic leadership: TIGE 2016 in Caux

TIGE celebrated its 10th anniversary with friends from all over the world 5-10 July 2016 in Initiatives of Change International Conference Centre at Caux, Switzerland. We explored the impact of the past decade and connected with the network that has emerged. Aims of TIGE Forum 2016 were to: illuminate and connect initiatives and models of

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Green Danes examine Pillars of Trust in the global economy

Denmark is the world’s least corrupt country, according to the annual corruption perception index drawn up by the anti-bribery watchdog Transparency International. It is also one of the most environmentally aware nations. When 20 people met in the Initiatives of Change (IofC) residential centre in Copenhagen on 28 May they looked at how to encourage

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Transforming communities in Manchester and Glasgow: ethical values in social entrepreneurship

Manchester Metropolitan University’s Cheshire Campus, Crewe, hosts ‘inspirational’ TIGERoadshow, attended by social entrepreneurs, small business owners, students and academics. The TIGERoadshow, on the theme of Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy, aims to tap into a new global consciousness about the social role of business and entrepreneurship. The event, held on 20 May, provided

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Equipping leadership for economic transformation: TIGE 2015 in Caux

An annual TIGE conference took place 26 June-1 July 2015 in Initiatives of Change International Conference Centre at Caux, Switzerland, aiming to equip current and future economic leaders with leadership skills and knowledge that serve the common good and showcase stories and models of economic and personal transformation. Read event report  

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Inspiring people and purpose for sustainable prosperity: TIGE 2014 in Caux

The conference explored how we can bring humanity back into business, to address people’s needs and create wealth in a sustainable and innovative manner. Read event report

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Kofi Annan’s speech at TIGE on youth leadership

Kofi Annan made the final speech to the ‘Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy’ conference on 19 July 2013.

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