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Catalysing new models of economic leadership: TIGE 2016 in Caux

TIGE celebrated its 10th anniversary with friends from all over the world 5-10 July 2016 in Initiatives of Change International Conference Centre at Caux, Switzerland. We explored the impact of the past decade and connected with the network that has emerged. Aims of TIGE Forum 2016 were to: illuminate and connect initiatives and models of

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Equipping leadership for economic transformation: TIGE 2015 in Caux

An annual TIGE conference took place 26 June-1 July 2015 in Initiatives of Change International Conference Centre at Caux, Switzerland, aiming to equip current and future economic leaders with leadership skills and knowledge that serve the common good and showcase stories and models of economic and personal transformation. Read event report  

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Inspiring people and purpose for sustainable prosperity: TIGE 2014 in Caux

The conference explored how we can bring humanity back into business, to address people’s needs and create wealth in a sustainable and innovative manner. Read event report

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Kofi Annan’s speech at TIGE on youth leadership

Kofi Annan made the final speech to the ‘Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy’ conference on 19 July 2013.

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